The Night Is Always Darkest Before the Dawn – NFT Sneak Peek

There is so much the Moonstar team is working on together with our community, and also behind the scenes. We are so proud of our amazing community and everything you do every day. Thank you!

As you know we don’t just aim for the moon, we shoot for the stars! As part of our ambitious vision we are focused on developing and building unique platforms for not just our investors but accessible for all blockchain users. The first of many exciting projects is our NFT marketplace and a sneak peak of what’s coming very(!) soon.

Our unique approach to the NFT marketplace will heavily encourage you to get creative, and ensure you are rewarded for it. We want to make the process of finding, buying and creating your own NFT”s as easy and intuitive as it can be!

We are now looking for exciting and talented NFT artists to join our platform, if you have what it takes and would like to get involved, get in touch with us on the Moonstar Telegram and speak to our team.

So get ready, the night is always darkest before the dawn, and we see a bright road head!



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